Monday, 18 January 2010

We've Arrived (at last!)

We finally made it into Auckland at 11:30am local time.  I guess our overall time was 24 hours, which is not too bad.  12 hours to Singapore - 3 hours in the airport - 9 hours to New Zealand.  Needless to say we are cream crackered.  Picked up our motor home - got lost - found a supermarket to get a few bits and on to our first site - Manakau Holiday Park.  Just going to up load photo & then get a shower & then tea.


  1. glad to hear you got there safely - sounds like a looooong journey, hope you don't feel too bad. Campervan looks cool, you should pimp it up with some bling rims :-)
    Can't believe dad got lost, that's virtually unheard of... We've had loads of snow overnight so off to ski now after having our breakfast waffles. Have fun! Emma & Nick xxx (and Cindy & Rich x)

  2. Caitlin - Hi how is it My book has not arived yet. So yo see ya l8ter LOL!
    Luke - cant wait to see you xxxxxx lol

    Dad...lost...I cant believe it, especially with an expert navigator!! Campervan looks great.
    I have booked us a hotel for june so we can all stay. Caitlin had a lovely weekend at Butlins & is just about to go to Brownies. Look forward to hearing from you soon Petra xxx