Saturday, 16 January 2010

One More Sleep

That's it - We've finished packing.  It wasn't too bad really - we've got everything in the cases that we wanted in and the weight for both cases is spot on 20Kg - Mind you, our hand baggage weighs 50Kg !! (Only joking Singapore Airlines).
Our cats - Meg & Harry - are being looked after by our neighbours Robin & Celia.  There is a ton of food to keep them going and I know they are going to be spoilt rotten (especially by Robin).
We've already said goodbye to our grandaughter Caitlin - She is at Skegness this week-end with the Brownies no doubt having a fantastic time.
Our Son-in-Law Mac is driving us down to Heathrow tomorrow together with our grandson Luke. Before we go we'll say goodbye to our daughter Petra who is going to have the luxury of having most of the day to herself.

1 comment:

  1. WELCOME TO NZ - remember to KEEP LEFT. Speed limit open road is 100 K'lms not mph. Around town is mostly 50 k's unless otherwise stated.
    When driving the camper pull over when the queue
    behind you reaches 50 and let them past !! This
    lessens of road rage by heaps !!! Also, apart
    from the few k's of motorways the rest of NZ roads are like the Lake District, narrow and
    twisty with all sorts of bumps in between !?
    All part of the NZ experience.
    Enjoy yourselves and do keep us in touch ! See
    you in a couple of weeks.
    Love Roy & Heather