Wednesday, 13 January 2010

After months of planning - emails - booking tickets - booking seats - motorhomes - campsites etc. we finally started packing yesterday. Quite how we will each pack everything we need and not exceed the 20Kg limit is beyond me at the moment. I think we have thought of everything - money - tickets - passports but inevitably there will be something we remember when it will be too late.
We fly out of Heathrow on Sunday with Singapore Airlines on their huge A380. We have a short stopover at Singapore before flying on to Auckland. We arrive in New Zealand at lunchtime on Tuesday and immediately pick up our motorhome. We are not travelling very far on the first day - no doubt we will be tired out.
Anyway - if you are following this blog we will let you know how thing are going and hope to upload some wonderful photographs.


  1. George says, "Try not to worry too much about the A380; it's probably the one he helped build in Toulouse!!"

  2. Hi both, great to hear that you're jetting off, let us know what you remember that you didn't pack (or forgot??) I hope it's not the extra pair of shoes in case you get them wet on some sunny beach! Looking forward to hearing your stories and seeing the pictures. love Carol and George