Sunday, 24 January 2010

Rotorua - Wai-O-Tapu

We did get up early today so we could get to Wai-O-Tapu. ( The drive was about 30k but on good roads so it didn’t take long. Once we had bought the tickets we walked around two of the routes before we had to drive to see the big geyser at 10:15. Then it was back to see the remaining pools, bubbling mud, steam and ‘rotten egg’ smells. I forgot to mention that we did stop first for a tea and coffee – Sandra had a scone and I had a big wedge of carrot cake. By the time we had finished all the walking, climbing all the steps and taking the occasional breather it was about 12:30 and time to make a move back into town. We stopped at a Sub-Way for our take-away lunch, cashed some travellers cheques and back to our site. It’s been humid this afternoon and we’ve had a couple of claps of thunder.

That’s it for today – tomorrow we are going Napier ( – About a 3 hour drive.

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  1. Luke - i think the cuddely cow should be called moo moo the first, miss u bye xxxxx lots of love luke.

    Caitlin - Hi i think the cuddley cow should be called glee or spot. dont worry it smells like rotten eggs here because of me and dad. of to school (boring) luv ya