Friday, 29 January 2010

Saturday 30 January 2010 – Whanganui

A nice relaxed start to the day today – the sun was shining and we had the whole day before us. We drove into town and (eventually) found a parking space. We made our way to the market which was a bit like a ‘car boot sale’ market. We then headed into the main part of town because we needed, among other things, to get some cash from the bank. Banks are not open on Saturday so we used our debit card – no problem. We stopped at a bakery for our usual drink and cake (only me for cake today!) and continued window shopping. We bought a couple of sandwiches and ate our lunch in a lovely park by the river

Then it was time to walk across to the River Boat Museum to pick up our tickets for our trip up the river. It’s New Zealand’s last paddle steamer – PS Waimarie – and it has a really fascinating history ( It has been a glorious day all day – it couldn’t have been better. We steamed upriver for an hour or so and stopped at a little place called Upokongaro for an hour which gave us time for an ice cream and a look around a small historic church.

Then it was back into town – MacDonalds and back to our site. What a lovely day it has been.

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