Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Just doing last minute things now. Both cases are almost packed. My rucksack with the tickets, money, passports etc is ready to go. We received a wadge of lealets & brochures from Roy & Heather (Sandra's cousin & his wife) in New Zealand yesterday and that seemed to bring the holiday closer.

I had a phone call from a very nice man at Dial A Flight. His name is Dale and I must say that the service we have had from this company has been absolutely first class. He just wanted to assure us that despite the weather, long haul flights were departing pretty much on schedule. By the way, he didn't pay me to say nice things about the company but credit where it's due.

We are looking forward to the warm weather in New Zealand. Today has been really cold and the roads & pavements have been lethal with black ice today. Believe it or not but Sandra & I have started taking long(ish) walks around our village - about 4 miles. The photo was taken at the back end of last week on the outskirts of Navenby.

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