Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Day 2 - Miranda

Last night we both went to bed early - 8pm Sandra - 8:20 Ian - I realised when I had read the same page in my book 3 times it was time to give up & go to bed.  We both had a good nights sleep and woke up refreshed ay 5am!!  Jet lag has got a lot to answer for.  After breakfast we packed up and made our way to Miranda - less than an hour from our last site.  We were too early to book in so we went along the coast a little to a place called Kaiaua which is across the Firth of Thames from the Coromandel Penisula.  Stopped & bought an ice cream each - Delicious - then parked up on a shell beach where we had lunch before driving to Miranda Holiday Park (http://www.mirandaholidaypark.co.nz/).  As soon as we had settled the motorhome we changed and were in the hot-spring pool.  That's it for today - just relaxing & trying to recover from the jet lag.


  1. Hello Sandra and Ian

    We love the motorhome any chance of some internal views! and some pickies of you two.

    The hot spring pool sounds absolutely wonderful, enough to send any jet lag away.

    Been to pilates and guess what Jane arrived before me, I think I was a little later than usual but she was also a little early.
    Celia & Robin xx

  2. Caitlin: Hi nanny and grandad. (miss you) R u ok, liking the motor home it is well cool LOL :)
    l8ter I will be sleeping! 50% of me doesent want to but 48% me does 2% I want to party!!!!!!!!! l8ter. Yo peace out!xxx

  3. loving caitlin's posts - is that how all the kids speak these days?? Obviously i understand it all as i is down with the kids LOL.
    The beach looks gr8, def would blow the jet lag away. Look forward to seeing your next post. We've been skiing in the deep powder again today, have come in early as we're going night skiing tonight! xx