Sunday, 14 February 2010


We set off from Singapore yesterday - at least I think it was yesterday - for a thirteen and half hour flight back home.  We arrived at Heathrow just before 7pm and finally emerged about an hour later.  Mac was there to meet us and we were soon on our way.  We arrived home just before 11pm and had a quick cuppa with Mac & Petra before falling into bed. 

We both woke early and eventually got up by 7am.  At 8 out doorbell chimed and there stood Luke.  It was fabulous just to see him again and then along came Caitlin and it was big hugs and kisses all round.  Petra and Mac came round so we were talking for ages.  I went with the children to pick up a paper and then went to visit our neighbours, Celia and Robin, who have been looking after our cats, Meg and Harry.

So, that's it.  The end of a fabulous holiday with so many wonderful memories.

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