Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Bay of Islands to Auckland

Today is our last full day in New Zealand - The time has just flashed by.  We packed our cases (and weighed them - spot on 20Kgs) and loaded them into Roy and Heather's car.  By the way, at this stage I must mention their number plate (they have a different system to us) on the Mitsubishi - just see the pic!

It's a four hour journey to Auckland and we stopped for pizza at lunch time.  A few miles further on the car had a warning light and was running a bit rough.  We stopped at 'Sheep World' where they have pink sheep - Yes really!!  We took some photos because we knew no one would believe us.

Moo Moo couldn't believe it either!

The car sorted itself out and the remainder of the journey was OK.  A Barbie had been organised and we met Roy and Heather's family.  It was nice to sit down, relax and chat among friends.  We were staying overnight in a house with a friend of Heather which was close by.  Next morning - packed and off to the airport.  We have had a fabulous time in New Zealand and leave with so many wonderful memories. 

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