Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Auckland to Warkworth

We handed in our motorhome yesterday - it was sad to see her go and it was the end of that part of our holiday.

Let me introduce you to the main New Zealand players.
Roy - Sandra's cousin
Heather - Roy's wife
Moira - Heather's sister
Bob - Moira's husband

Bob and Moira picked us up from the place where we hired the van and took us on a wonderful tour of Auckland.  Fantastic views over the city and harbour.  We went to the Auckland War Memorial Museum and I discovered that my camera was broken.  The LCD screen had cracked and so I couldn't take any more pics.  We had lunch in the park surrounding the museum and then made our way through the city to the ferry terminal.  Bob drove the car round but Sanda, Moira and I took the ferry to Davenport - great views of the city.  Bob picked us up after our trip and we made our way north out of Auckland.  Eventually, we reached their home in Warkworth and unloaded our bags.

  We walked into town with Bob who took us to the photographers who confirmed the death of my Pentax.  I now have a Nikon Coolpix S570 thanks to the helpful staff in the shop.  We then took a walk by the river and back to Bob and Moira's house and a nice cold beer or two.  After a lovely dinner and wine we eventually went to bed at around 10pm.

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